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In response to Covid-19 we have begun fabricating stand alone sneeze guards to help essential local businesses stay safe. Add a clear physical barrier to continue to help with social distancing. These can be used on desktops and reception counters, grocery checkouts and much more to help reduce the transmission of germs & diseases. Keep communication between business and customers safe. In many businesses where communication between employees and customers takes place an acrylic Sneeze Guard will be beneficial. Here at M.A.S. Plastics, LLC we have the most affordable sneeze guards in Los Angeles, CA. Sneeze guards can be used in various types of businesses, such as grocery stores, ticket counters, gas stations, airport counters, restaurant counters and reception desks.

A plastic divider or sneeze guard will help stop the spread of diseases transmitted through bodily fluids easily passed through coughing and sneezing. Protect your employees and your customers by using a clear divider that creates a physical separation and is easily washable.

Contact us for sizes and pricing availability for any of your Plexiglass Sneeze Guards, Acrylic Barriers and Partitions in Los Angeles, CA.

Together we can maintain social distance by protecting ourselves with clear plastic barriers.

Acrylic sneeze guards, splash guards, cashier shields and other clear partitions can be installed very quickly and easily. No need to drill or install metal frames. We have standard size 31″W x 36″T and we can fabricate custom sneeze guards for commercial or industrial uses. Contact M.A.S. Plastics, LLC for custom sizes or custom designs in Los Angeles, CA.

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