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M.A.S. Plastics, LLC is run by engineers with extensive training in up to date CNC router technologies. Our new CNC router allows us to work mass production jobs with the capability of cutting various hard materials including wood and aluminum, with ease. If you are looking for a business to turn your ideas into a reality, get in touch with us right away! We provide the very best CNC routing in Los Angeles, CA.

Here at M.A.S. Plastics, LLC, we have a precise and reliable CNC routing machine on site. A CNC routing machine is a computer controlled cutting machine that carries out precision carving and engraving that a laser cutter cannot manage.

We take pride in the ability to offer superior, high definition metal cutting services to all of our clientele. Our skilled technicians and programmers are more than qualified to handle all of the unique specifications involved in any and all projects. All of our metals are cut with precise crisp etches to tight tolerances.

The CNC routing machine can handle all kinds of material. Our cutting size ranges up to sixty inches by one-hundred and twenty inches. The machine can easily cut through material up to five inches thick. Additionally, the guidance of a sophisticated computer system ensures that CNC cutting produces highly sophisticated and intricate profiles and designs in wood and other hard materials.

Our aluminum machine CNC router uses revolutionary coolant mister to cut aluminum without the heat and discoloration caused by laser cutting. The coolant misting technology will also save you from the rough edges and edge burrs made when you cut wood or aluminum with a water-jet.

If you are in need of CNC cutting, give us a call! Here at M.A.S. Plastics, LLC, we have perfected this technology to manufacture high-quality materials that meet all your specifications. To find out more, get in touch with us today.

We guarantee you will be satisfied by the beautiful and amazing product we make you.

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