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When you're looking for acrylic framing in Los Angeles, CA, M.A.S. Plastics, LLC are the ones to call. We are your experienced framers for everything from oil painting on canvas to sports memorabilia. We can frame just about anything you want preserved.

Acrylic Framing is dependable, especially years later, your items will still appear vibrant and new on display. The process provides plastic protection to art of any size and will protect your art, print, poster, photo, etc at huge savings.

Some of our acrylic frames include:

• UV frames - The UV coating on the acrylic frame will help preserve photographs, art, and other items and protect them from the harmful UV rays.

• Museum Grade Frames - Museum quality frames protect artwork from physical and environmental damage, and are intended to last. The process is intended to be fully reversible after years and the art work can be returned to its state prior to the framing. Framed from 10"x10" to 96"x102".

• Shadow Boxes - This very popular frame is made of clear acrylic and has a white cardboard box core. Your photos, art, or documents can be displayed on the wall as a unique gallery.

• Acrylic Bases - This display block or base is an important finishing touch for collectibles to be permanently mounted. They can be made with frosted, clear, or black acrylic.

• Pedestal - This design can be used to elevate and display your favorite art, products, valuables, pottery, awards, collectibles, etc . We offer ghost pedestal and clear acrylic pedestal perfect for galleries, museums, or your home.

When you are in need of acrylic framing for your art or other collectibles, our professional staff will create the piece to perfectly hold your items. We guarantee that our frames will help every piece look beautiful on display. Even that drawing your child did that meant so much to you can be preserved practically forever!

When you choose to use acrylic framing services, come see us at M.A.S. Plastics, LLC.

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